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Wang Kunshan
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Generally speaking, the main method of treatment of liver cancer is surgery to do hepatitis and lobe resection, but many liver cancer have belonged to the opportunity to lose surgical treatment in the middle and late stages. It can adopt other methods of interventional chemotherapy, targeted therapy, auxiliary therapy of Chinese medicine, and immunotherapy, which can greatly improve the survival rate of patients with liver cancer. At the same time, patients should also pay attention to diet and daily rest status. It is best to cooperate with ginsenoside G35 auxiliary therapy. With conventional treatment can help reduce toxicity and increase efficiency, improve physical fitness, relieve discomfort symptoms, reduce toxic and side -by -side reactions, reduce patients with patients Pain helps to reduce the probability of the diffusion and metastases of the tumor. #P#, malignant tumors of the liver can be divided into two types: primary and secondary. Primary nature refers to the tumor originated from liver epithelium or tissue tissue. Among them, the liver epithelial cells are called primary liver cancer, which is called sarcoma that is derived from the tissue of the leaf tissue. Secondaryness refers to the metastasis or infringing the liver of other organs, and generally in the abdominal organs. #P#The preferred treatment plan for liver cancer is surgery, which can be cut. Clinical has shown that patients with liver cancer patients undergo surgery are obviously longer than those who have not underworked surgery. As far as liver cancer surgery is concerned, early liver cancer surgery has been cured after treatment. It is much better in the late stage. Some information shows that the surgical resection rate of small liver cancer is as high as 80 %, and the surgical mortality rate is less than 2 %. The survival rate of 5 years after surgery is 60 % -70 %. The last 5 years of survival rate is as high as 85 %; patients with less than 5 cm in diameter of liver cancer have a 5 -year survival rate of 79.8 % after surgery; the unimedicized liver cancer cells can be removed after comprehensive treatment of tumors. %.

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