Early liver cancer

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Bai Jie
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The viciousness of liver cancer is relatively high. If it is early in situ cancer surgery, it is effective, but it cannot be guaranteed. Cancer is a world problem.#P#The early symptoms of liver cancer are not typical. Most of them are the main symptoms of the digestive system.Generally speaking, it can be manifested as symptoms such as early full, acid reflux, radon, abdominal distension, and poorness.For the treatment of early liver cancer, the method of surgical resection is mainly used. If possible, liver transplantation can be performed. According to the pathological stage of the tumor, hepatitis arterial chemotherapy can be selected.Drugs are not sensitive.If the patient cannot tolerate surgery, radiofrequency ablation can also be performed, and further TACE treatment needs to be performed after surgery.At present, in addition to conventional treatment, it can cooperate with ginsenoside G35 auxiliary therapy, which can help reduce the role of drug reduction and efficiency, shorten the treatment cycle, reduce the pain of patients, assist the growth and metastasis of tumors, improve immunity and disease resistance.Improve the quality of survival.

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