Condyloma acuminatum, genital warts,

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Condyloma acuminatum, genital warts, supplementary descriptions: genital warts, genital warts,
Zhu Liangjie
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General typical symptoms can be distinguished by the naked eye of the naked eye. Incendial symptoms are recommended to go to the hospital for a pathological biopsy and pathological examination.(At present, the most accurate test), there are mainly papilloma -like hyperplasia under the mirror, the upper part of the spine layer and the capillary of the granular layer and the capillary of the dermis nipples.According to the picture of the affected area of condyloma acuminatum according to the WeChat public account, after a patient infected with genital wart virus, it is often found that the obvious symptoms of condyloma acuminatum will be found through a certain incubation period.Therefore, as long as high -risk life or unclean couples live, they should be vigilant.

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