Condyloma acuminatum · Condyloma acuminatum

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Condyloma acuminatum · Condyloma acuminatum supplementary description: Condyloma acuminatum · Condyloma acuminatum
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Condition description: Objects have been performed 2 years ago. I will be transmitted to me now: Well, it will not be transmitted, it will be okay without recurrence in a year.He has been cured, don't worry
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If your target condyloma acuminatum has been cured two years ago, then he will not be transmitted to you when he has not carried the virus now. This can be rest assured.#P#The clinical cure standard of condyloma acuminatum is from the removal of warts to damage to wound healing. If the condyloma acuminatum is not relapsed for more than half a year, and the identification test is negative, it means clinical cure.The prognosis of condyloma acuminatum is generally good and the cure rate is high.Condyloma acuminatum cure will recur. Doctors WeChat JRSYER generally recur on 3 months after treatment. Over time, patients are infectious.If you do not relapse for one year after treatment, the possibility of infectiousness and recurrence will be very small.Most patients with genital warts can reach clinical cure within two years.After two years of infection, most patients cannot detect the virus even if they use the most sensitive detection methods.So the probability of being infected is very small.

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