One of my friends went to the hospital for inspection because of my bloating and I couldn't eat anything.

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Oncology time: I don’t know if my friend can go to the hospital for inspection because of the bloating of the stomach and can not eat things.

Wu Shuang
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Female liver cancer symptoms: First, the abdomen of patients with digestive tract will have discomfort, there will be obvious symptoms such as abdominal distension, indigestion, and loss of appetite. Second, the symptoms of the liver area are enlarged liver, the surface is uneven, and the spleen is also enlarged. This is a common phenomenon of early symptoms of female liver cancer. At the same time, it is accompanied by hidden liver pain, which gradually develops into drama pain. Third, liver ascites and jaundice also appear full body weakness, weight loss and evil liquid performance; the left collarbone can cause lymphadenopathy due to lymph node metastasis. Fourth, irregular vaginal hemorrhage liver cancer recent female vaginal bleeding is mainly caused by two main causes. On the one hand, the decline of liver damage and coagulation mechanism is likely to cause this situation. In addition, it is necessary to consider whether liver cancer is transferred to the female reproductive system. Bleeding. Experts suggest: In the struggle between human beings and liver cancer, medical experts concentrate on research and have made great progress in treatment methods and drug research. Ginseng saponin RH2 is an important anti -tumor research result in recent years. Its characteristics of high -efficiency and non -toxic treatment of cancer such as liver cancer have made up for the lack of some drugs and treatment methods in the past, and it will definitely play its important role in the field of anti -tumor.

Sun Jie
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Symptoms: 1. Early symptoms of female liver cancer often appear uncomfortable at the top right of the abdomen. Obviously abdominal distension, indigestion, loss of appetite, etc. 2. Liver enlargement, surface unevenness with mass, and accompanied by liver regions at the same time The pain of the location gradually develops into pain. 3. Patients with liver cancer have a history of hepatitis and cirrhosis. There is no cold and fever, and the pain or pain of the sufferings of the liver and bile region should be cautious. 4. Systemic joints of the body, the early symptoms of female liver cancer are especially the most obvious. It is accompanied by anorexia, irritability, and liver district discomfort. The treatment is still treated according to the doctor's order.

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