These people need to prevent good stomach cancer

2022-07-14 17:25sent

In addition, the incidence of gastric cancer in smokers is significantly higher than those who do not smoke. Through the analysis of men and women, we found that the following factors were related to gastric cancer in men: smoking, hot -frying hot diet, fried noodles, mental depression, poor self -regulating ability, chronic gastritis and first -level relatives have gastric cancer history. In addition to the above factors, women are closely related to alcohol intake and history of gastric ulcers.

Therefore, experts remind the following five types of people to prevent gastric cancer.

1. Studies have found that the three diseases are the pre -cancer state of gastric cancer. For example, gastric polyps have evolved to 3%-10%of gastric cancer; chronic atrophic gastritis, its cancerous rate is 2%-8%, especially gastritisitis; those with malignant gastric cancer are 4 times higher than ordinary people.

2. People who have undergone gastric resection surgery have a chance to have gastric cancer than normal people.

3. In recent years, the clinical discovery of gastric pylori is one of the important factors of gastric cancer. The risk of gastric cancer infected with gastric cancer infected by gastric Helicobacter pylori is 3-6 times that of those infected with negatives.

4. Studies have found that the incidence of gastric cancer with type A blood is higher than those of other blood types.

5. Gastric cancer has a genetic tendency.

Patients with gastric cancer have obvious family aggregation. The survey found that the first -level relatives (that is, parents, brothers and sisters) of gastric cancer patients have a danger of gastric cancer three times higher than the average population. The more famous Raponin family, his grandfather, father, and three sisters died of gastric cancer. The entire family, including himself, had seven people who suffered from gastric cancer.

Tips: Principles of Prevention and Control of Gastric Cancer

The risk factors of gastric cancer include lack of physical exercise, mental depression, smoking, fixture of smoke food, diet like heavy salt, excessive intake of meat, Helicobacter pylori infection, gastric ulcer, etc. Pleasing bacteria and fresh fruits are the protection of gastric cancer. It is worth noting that the family gathering phenomenon of gastric cancer may be related to the common infection of Helicobacter pylori. Those who have a family history of gastric cancer should go to the hospital to monitor whether there is a bacterial infection and timely treatment.

(Editor in charge: Luo Yingzhou)