What are the signals in the early stages of gastri

2022-07-14 16:28sent

Gastric cancer often does not have special symptoms in the early stage. As the development of tumors gradually affects gastric function, the symptoms emerge.Even so, these symptoms are not unique to gastric cancer. They are often similar to chronic gastric diseases such as gastritis and gastric ulcers. Even taking general gastric diseases can be relieved, but there are also clues to find.Early gastric cancer mainly has the following signals:

The first is stomach pain.At the beginning, I only felt upper abdominal discomfort, or had abdominal distension. Sometimes the heart nest was faintly painful. It was often mistaken for gastritis or ulcer disease, especially gastricin cancer.Essence

Second, loss of appetite, weight loss, and weakness.It is often the first symptom of gastric cancer, accounting for about 40%.

The third is nausea and vomiting.In the early stage, there may be only fullness and nausea. This symptom is mainly caused by tumors cause gastrointestinal dysfunction.

The fourth is bleeding and black stool.Early gastric cancer has this symptom of 20%. Any elderly person who has a history of gastric disease should be alert to gastric cancer once it occurs.

Fifth, the upper abdomen has tenderness.

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