Expert reminder: gastric cancer will also be conta

2022-07-14 17:23sent

Gastric cancer is the saying that "ten people and nine stomachs" can be contagious. The stomach is uncomfortable, stomach acid, and bloating has become a common problem for modern people. Statistics show that about 170,000 people die in gastric cancer each year in my country, which is almost close to 1/4 of the number of deaths of all malignant tumors. A latest study at the University of Kyushu, Japan found that gastric cancer is not only closely related to people's diet, but also a disease that can be contagious. Researchers conducted a 14 -year follow -up investigation of more than 1,000 middle -aged men. During the survey, a total of 68 people were diagnosed with gastric cancer. After excluding other factors affecting the disease of gastric cancer, researchers found that the risk of gastric cancer infected with gastric cancer infected with gastric cancer was 2.7 times that of those who did not be infected; The risk of gastric cancer is 11.4 times that of neither infection nor smoking enthusiasts. Researchers pointed out that Helicobacter pylori can cause gastritis and digestive ulcers. The transmitted bacteria transmitted gastric cancer into a infectious disease. Helicobacter pylori is a carcinogen, which causes high incidence of gastric cancer after infection. Professor Liang Han, director of the Department of Gastrointestinal, Tianjin Cancer Hospital, said in an interview with the "Life Times" reporter that as early as 1994, the World Health Organization will be Pepsi Pottery List as Class I (that is, positive) carcinogens. It is not surprising that this research data is in Japan, as a country of high incidence of gastric cancer. In addition to the impact of Helicobacter pylori and smoking on gastric cancer, high -salt diet and drinking will damage gastric mucosa and make it more likely to be violated by carcinogens. Liang Han pointed out that co -meals, not paying attention to diet hygiene and laws will increase the chance of infection with such bacteria, making gastric cancer high. "Modern people's lives are irregular, and they like food such as smoking, heavy taste, spicy and other foods during meals. At the same time, they can smoke and drink. These are the culprits of gastric cancer. In areas of gastric cancer, there is a habit of eating fish dew in Fujian Changle. This kind of small salted fish is very salty. Long -term consumption will directly destroy gastric mucosa, damage its protective effect, and make gastric cancer high. female

Generally speaking, the incidence of gastric cancer in men is about twice that of women, and it is more common in 40-60 years. Liang Han said that middle -aged men are high incidence of gastric cancer. He analyzed that when he entered the middle age, the human body function began to weaken. Middle -aged men were responsible for family and career. Continuous mental stress, irregular life, hunger and fullness, excessive tobacco and alcohol, etc. made them more vulnerable to various carcinogenic factors Instead of infringement. Moreover, the fixed eating habits formed by middle -aged people are often difficult to change. Therefore, in addition to adjusting life and work rhythm, early inspection, early detection, and early treatment are very important for them. In addition, experts remind that they are over 40 years old, especially those who have smoke and alcohol, those who eat pickled food often, or those who have stomach polyps and those who have undergone stomach surgery should regularly check and treat them early. (Intern editor: Li Susu)