Recommend 6 types of traditional Chinese medicine

2022-07-14 17:25sent

1) Anti -qi and reducing inverse medicine

In August, spinning flowers, vermiculite, etc.

2) Huoxuexue and stasis medicine

Salvia, Wulingzhi, Sanling, Curdia, Wooden Buns, Angelica Tail, Emergency and so on.

3) Realty phlegm and scattered drugs

Tiannan Xing, Sheng Banxia, Shengxiabi, Bian, Yishan Ci Mushroom, Pangolic Armor, Mu (adding a calendar next to the beef word), 鳖 armor, etc.

4) Hua wet and wet medicine

Shengmiren, thick flutter, etc.

5) Clear heat and detoxification

Half branches, dragon sunflowers, mountain bean roots, Shuyangquan, cat ginseng, Shi Jian wearing, flea rest, 菝葜, white flower snake tongue, walnut branches, rattan pear root, earthen poria, yellow medicine, snake fruit, etc.

6) insectic drugs

Earthworms, crickets, leeches, toads, bees, snake molten.

(Intern editor: Li Susu)