What are the early signals of gastric cancer?

2022-07-14 17:25sent

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm, USA, pointed out that 820 healthy people and patients with three cancers (esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, adenocarcinoma) pointed out that people who often feel hot stomach are often felt. It is likely to suffer from common esophageal cancer.

The research report published in the New England Magazine said that at least once a week, people with hot or nausea occur at least once a week. Note.

Stomach burning is a burning pain in the upper abdomen or lower chest. People often associate it with spicy foods or sufficient. The nausea is a symptom of acidic substances in the stomach flowing to the esophagus. Doctors suspect that irritating acidic substances can change cells and lead to the most serious esophageal cancer and adenocarcinoma. The more frequent this symptom, the longer the more severe duration, and the more likely to suffer from food tube cancer. If the symptoms are mild, the possibility of gastric cancer is more likely.

James Lultietir, a University of Pittsburgh's thoracic surgery, said that although some acidic drugs can alleviate the symptoms of stomach burning, they cannot prevent bile and other internal stomachs into the esophagus. Chronic stimulation and inflammation have carcinogenic effects on several tissues. Animal studies have shown that bile backflow is a factor that causes esophageal cancer. Experts believe that stomach burning must be highly valued. It is recommended that people with severe stomach burning should actively treat it to restore the esophagus to health, not just to relieve stomach discomfort.

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(1) The upper abdomen is full and uncomfortable:

There is an unclear blur -like bloating feeling, often there is no obvious cause, mostly appears when quiet, disappear when activity and spirit are dispersed, and the diet adjustment effect is not good. 74%of patients have this symptom.

(2) Pain in the upper abdomen:

Starting for intermittent pain, followed by gradually worsening and lasting. Although the pain can be tolerated, it is not easy to relieve or relieve it in a short time.

(3) Lisurable appetite, acid reflux, qi, indigestion:

Usually you can't find the incentives, manifested as a poor appetite, and then have no interest in your favorite food, especially hate meat or greasy foods. After changing the recipes, the effect is still poor. Acids, qi, or indigestion, these performances account for about 68%. It is easy to be ignored due to similar symptoms of gastritis and ulcer.

(4) Poor blood or black stool:

Positive blood is one of the common symptoms of gastric cancer. 50%to 65%of early gastric cancer.

(5) The weakness of unknown reasons, weight loss or sexual anemia:

Patients often feel weak, and their weight gradually decreases, and they can drop by 3 to 5 pounds within 2 to March.

(6) The pain of pain in the original chronic gastric disease changes:

If the regularity of empty abdominal pain or pain after eating is obvious, the regular disappearance is disappeared in the near future, or the original treatment of effective drugs is not good.

(7) Symptoms of early gastric cancer:

There are often no obvious signs, and most patients can only have a sense of tenderness or mild muscle tension enhancement in the deep abdomen.