Edge of gastric ulcer gastric cancer

2022-07-14 16:37sent

When it comes to ulcers, most people may feel that isn't that "getting angry"? In fact, not the ulceration of infection, trauma, nodules, or tumors will cause ulcers. , And often combine chronic infections, so that it does not heal for a long time. Generally speaking, ulcers in three parts are the most common, that is, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, and oral ulcers.

Gastric ulcers should be the most vigilant. In the "ulcer family", it is the closest disease from cancer. 1-3 hours after meals, if burning pain or dull pain appears on the upper abdomen, it will gradually reduce it in the future. This is the most typical symptom of gastric ulcer. Although there are many such patients now, you don't have to worry too much. After all, most gastric ulcers will not turn to cancer. However, if the patient has the following situations, it is particularly vigilant: pain becomes irregular or persistent hidden pain; after a period of time taking anti -ulcer drugs for a period of time, the effect becomes not obvious; The results of pee -like stools appear, and the results of the stool potential blood test continue to be positive; constantly weight loss. When the above situations occur, they should go to the hospital for gastroscopy and pathological section examination in time.

Oral cavity is another "severe disaster area". Oral ulcers are not only common and dangerous, and must be treated quickly. On the one hand, oral ulcers of recurrent attacks are prone to cancer; on the other hand, some oral ulcers themselves are cancer, such as squamous cell carcinoma that occurs in the tongue, cheeks, or lips as "outer turning", The "cauliflower" ulcers are even more vigilant. Generally, ordinary oral ulcers will heal in about a week, but if cancerous, it will not be cured; generally oral ulcers are surface ulcers, and oral cancer ulcers are relatively large, generally above 0.5 cm, and white membranes around; Oral ulcers are relatively stable, but rises will occur next to the ulcers of oral cancer and spread to the surroundings.

In addition, duodenal ulcers are also a high -frequency word, but unlike the "grass and trees" of gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers are much more safe. There is very little chance of duodenal ulcer cancer, which may be related to the location of the duodenum and its own structure. But there are some exceptions. When you discover the ulcer here, you should first do gastroscopy and take biopsy, and receive further treatment under the guidance of the doctor after the condition is determined. (Tong Jinxue, chief physician of the Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University Affiliated Hospital)

(Intern editor: Li Susu)