Experts remind the prevention of gastric cancer to

2022-07-14 17:04sent

In addition to avoiding sauerkraut, salt, spicy and fried foods, big sauce is also included in the category of avoiding food. Relevant reports pointed out that during the investigation of salt consumption and gastric cancer relationship, the Japanese National Cancer Center found that sauces are harmful to gastric cancer, especially sauce with high concentrations harm the stomach.

In gastric cancer, the carcinogenic factors are known to be infected with Helicobacter pylori, too much pickled pickled and fried foods, and large sauce is pickled food. During its pickled process, a large amount of nitrite is generated after the human body.

The production process of large sauce is also easily contaminated by bacteria, which is likely to make Helicobacter pylori in virtue and increase the chance of cancer. Especially people with gastritis, such as too much consumption of large sauce, will aggravate stomach damage. In addition, large sauce is high -sodium food, and the concentration of salt and other salt of yellow sauce and bean paste is more harmful to the stomach.

South Korean experts have expressed worry about their diet that loves kimchi and big sauce, because too much picking and pickling foods have made the incidence of gastric cancer far exceeding other Asian countries.

Therefore, doctors propose to eat less or not sauce foods as much as possible on weekdays, and eat more foods such as fruits and vegetables such as fruits and vegetables. If the upper abdomen is full, anorexia, and black, you should go to the hospital early to check gastric cancer through gastroscopy.

(Intern editor: Zeng Wenzheng)