What is going on after gastric cancer recurrence a

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There are many treatment methods for gastric cancer clinically. Among them, surgical treatment, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are the most common treatment methods. Cancer patients with different diseases should choose the treatment method that suits them. Basically, if the patient chooses to use surgery to treat it, the recurrence rate of this method reaches 80 %. So what causes the recurrence rate of gastric cancer surgery so is so so recurrence rate What about high? Let's understand the reasons for recurrence after gastric cancer:

At present, according to the clinical research and analysis of experts, the recurrence is mainly related to the following four reasons

Reasons for recurrence of gastric cancer 1. Professional cancer: Patients have already belonged to advanced gastric cancer before receiving surgery. Cancer has penetrated the gastric wall, invading the abdominal and neighboring organs, such as pancreas, colon, liver, and intestinal membrane. Wait; or transfer to the distance via lymphatic tissue. Tumors that cannot be cured during surgery are not cured to cause cancer tissues with different quantities in the abdominal cavity. These patients often relapse soon after surgery. For example, an elderly patient did not pay attention to appetite for 3 months. Later, there was a discovery of sexual weight loss, vomiting, and indigestible food for nearly one month before going to the hospital. It was diagnosed with gastric tongue cancer with pylorida obstruction. During the operation, the post -gastric tumor was found to be adhesive with pancreas and could not be completely removed. Pelvic mass and ascites appeared in less than half a year after surgery.

Reasons for recurrence of gastric cancer. The surgical treatment is not thorough enough: there are a few doctors only pay attention to the effect of near Sri Lanka, simply starting from the perspective of trauma, and inappropriately reduce the surgical range of gastric cancer cure, so that a small amount of cancer that is difficult to discover in the abdominal cavity remains that the naked eye is difficult to find. Swelling tissue or metastasis lymph nodes, coupled with comprehensive treatment after surgery. They often recover well in the near future after surgery, but after a period of time (generally within one year after surgery), cancer recurrence will occur.

Reasons for recurrence of gastric cancer. The body's immunity is low: there are many gastric cancer patients who have a decline in the body's immunity before surgery, which are mainly manifested in the reduction of immune defense function, that is, the ability to identify and kill cancer cells in the body; plus the ability to kill cancer cells; plus Surgical trauma and anesthesia's attack on physical resistance caused such patients to be less immune after surgery. If the patient's immunity is not improved in time, patients often recur after surgery; even if a thorough treatment is performed, some people will recur on the long -term after surgery. A middle -aged patient with a phase II gastric cancer, due to the low level of immunity of the body, found a lump in the umbilical hole for 5 years after root treatment, and was confirmed to metastatic gastric cancer by pathological examination.

Reasons for recurrence of gastric cancer. 4. Biological characteristics: usually refer to the malignant degree of tumor. Often patients with gastric cancer in elderly patients are relatively low, while young gastric cancer patients have a relatively high degree of malignancy, and their prognosis is poor. Generally speaking, cancer with high degree of malignant and strong drug resistance to chemotherapy, lower malignant, and sensitive cancer in chemotherapy is easy to relapse.

In short, the above is a brief introduction to the reason why we recurrence of gastric cancer. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you can consult our experts for free for this disease, they will do it for you to do it for you for you. A professional answer.

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