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The incidence of gastric cancer in my country is high, and 400,000 patients are newly issued every year. Especially in recent years, digestive tract tumors have been high, which is related to bad lifestyles, such as fonding smoke, high salt, pickling foods, and tobacco and alcohol, which will destroy the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract, severely damage the gastric mucosa, and lead to the cause Gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases increase the probability of gastric cancer.

Frequent pickles and fish dew can easily induce gastric cancer

Nowadays, people's living conditions are good, but many bad eating habits are still difficult to change, such as heavy tastes and eating pickled foods. Residents of Changle City, Fujian, southern my country, are used to pickled seafood and especially love condiments such as fish dew and shrimp sauce. This place is a high -incidence area of ​​"well -known" gastric cancer in the country. In addition, residents such as Zhuanghe City, Liaoning Province, Linyi County, Shandong Province, and Zanhuang County, Hebei Province have a eating habit -long -term edible salted pork.

Experts remind that due to the large salt in pickled foods, the gastric mucosa will be directly damaged, and the nitrite contained in it will transform into nitrosamine under gastric acid and bacteria, which is more likely to cause gastric cancer.

Stomach disease and gastric cancer, symptoms are easy to confuse

Gastric cancer has always been found to be found in the early days, mainly because more than 70%of patients with early gastric cancer have no discomfort. Even if there are some symptoms, such as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, etc., it will be considered to be stomach disease. I rarely think about gastric cancer. I usually buy some stomach medicines and not go to the hospital for treatment. In this way, when the symptoms were severely went to the hospital, most patients were already advanced gastric cancer.

How to identify the alarm signal of gastric disease from their own feelings and symptoms? Experts said that the following points are worth noting ———————

(1) The regularity of abdominal pain lost the seizures of the original ulcer disease, which is obviously different from usual.

(2) During the occurrence of stomach pain, there is no help after eating or taking medicine, but aggravated.

(3) In the past, appetite, weight, and physical strength did not have much effect during the occurrence of stomach problems, but now there is a loss of appetite, fatigue, and obvious weight loss.

(4) Anemia or continuous stool for unknown reasons.

If the above -mentioned gastrointestinal symptoms are occurred, gastroscopy is best to exclude gastric cancer. Director He said that gastroscopy is the most important means to diagnose gastric cancer. Not only can it observe whether there is a lesion, but also a 2-3 mm gastric mucosa tissue for biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

Afraid of making gastroscopy, the early detection rate is only 7%

According to statistics, there are more than 400,000 new gastric cancer patients in my country each year. The disease rate of gastric cancer is high, and the 5 -year survival rate is only 37%. In other words, more than 60 % of patients have lived in gastric cancer. Director He said that this is mainly because when many patients find gastric cancer, most of them are late, and the detection rate of early gastric cancer is only 7%.

Japan and South Korea, which are also high-incidence areas, are also in place for gastric cancer census. The early detection rate can reach 50%-60%. Taking Japan as an example, they used dual angiography and gastroscopy screening. In the past ten years, the number of census per year is 3 million-5 million, and 3,000-6,000 cases of gastric cancer are found each year, and early gastric cancer accounts for more than 50%.

Due to economic reasons (about 300 yuan for ordinary gastroscopy, more expensive gastroscopy) and citizens' fear of making gastroscopy, early discovery of gastric cancer becomes a problem. In fact, using a little hemp before gastroscopy, there is not much pain, you can complete the examination in about ten minutes.

Like all tumors, it is not so tricky in early discovery. Early gastric cancer survival rates can reach more than 90%. Therefore, it is recommended that high -risk people can do gastroscopy early gastric cancer.

Tips: Who should pay close attention to gastric cancer?

1. People over 40 years old. Theoretically, people over 40 years of age are high -incidence of tumors;

2. People with a history of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers;

3. The diet structure is unreasonable, eat pickled food for a long time, and loves fish dew, shrimp sauce and other condiments.

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