Why does the supper cause gastric cancer?

2022-07-14 17:25sent

In today's society, for young people, eating nights seems to be a commonplace, especially for late sleeping people who stay up late for a long time, work often, or like nightlife, supper is an indispensable step in life, hungry I'm tired, it is very happy to invite three friends to open food on the street night market. However, everyone often ignores health while enjoying nightlife. Experts remind everyone: Frequent supper to be careful of gastric cancer, and you need to be vigilant.

Why does it cause gastric cancer when often eating supper

Experts said: "The gastric mucosa is a layer of tissue covered with the surface of the gastric surface. It contains different secretion glands and is a complex secretion organs. This repeated repair process is generally carried out during the rest of the gastrointestinal tract at night. If you often eat at night, the gastrointestinal tract will not be able to rest and adjust well during this time. Pay. "

After eating supper before sleeping, food will stay in the stomach for a long time, which can promote a large amount of secretion of gastric juice. Gastric juice can cause long -term stimulation to gastric mucosa. Over time, gastric mucosa erosion, ulcer, and weakened resistance will occur. This increases the risk of gastric cancer.

How much else is there for gastric cancer?

At present, the main method of gastric cancer is surgery, and chemotherapy is the main method. Treatment of gastric cancer is a comprehensive treatment.

According to clinical medical literature, the 5 -year survival rate of early gastric cancer was more than 95%. Those who have gastric cancer invasion and shallow muscle layers in the middle and late periods will have 50%of the 5 -year survival after surgery, 25%of the deep muscle layer, and those who invade the membrane. The 5 -year survival rate of 5 years after surgery is only 10%. If there is no lymph node metastasis, the five -year survival rate is 41.1%. If the first stop of the lymph nodes is transferred, the five -year survival rate is 13.3%. If the second stop of the lymph nodes is transferred, the five -year survival rate will be 10.1%.

At present, the regular treatment of gastric cancer in medical clinical treatment is still mainly surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. The addition of tumor biological immunotherapy recently has increased the survival rate of gastric cancer patients by 10%by 10%.

What other "black hands" behind gastric cancer

Experts point out that in addition to supper is one of the important factors that can easily cause gastric cancer, the living habits of poor smoking and alcohol and drinking are also one of the causes of gastric cancer for young people. In the hurry, eating wolf gobbles or sufficient food, often aggravating gastrointestinal burden, as well as young people with hot pot and "spicy hot" diet, which also created conditions for the occurrence of gastric cancer. Life is irregular: hungry for meals, full meal, often not eat breakfast, sometimes overeating, often driving night cars, irregular life, so that gastric cancer has a "good" soil.

(Editor in charge: Wang Huiming)