The age of the onset of gastric cancer is early to

2022-07-14 17:25sent

The college students who have just walked out of the school gate, worked hard from home, do not like to eat breakfast, love to eat barbecue on the street, love fast food noodles, often hungry for a while, often awakened by stomach pain in the middle of the night ... 25 -year -old Liu Zishan and 27 The old Ma Yunwei is the representative of this life. Originally, the two of them were in Shenyang in Shenzhen, and they could not have the opportunity to meet in this life, but now they meet each other in the corridor of the Tumor Hospital of Liaoning Province. The two of them found gastric cancer on July 12. "The average age of gastric cancer in Shenyang is 10 years in advance, and the youngest is only a teenager. The more terrible is. Once diagnosed, 70%-80%is the same as Liu Zishan and Ma Yunwei. The Cancer Association disclosed the survey data for the first time. These two post -85s love to eat barbecue Liu Zishan this year. After graduating from college, they went to work in Shenzhen. In the past six months, she has always committed stomach problems and died every time. Last Monday, she was really ill. Liu Zishan asked the company to take the annual leave and go home to see a doctor. As a result, she was found to have a medium -term gastric cancer. Zheng Zhichao, deputy chairman of the Liaoning Gastric Cancer Professional Committee and the director of gastric surgery of the Provincial Oncology Hospital, told reporters that with Liu Zishan, who was found out of gastric cancer one day was Ma Yunwei. He was also a college student. After graduation, he chose to develop in Shenyang. A full meal, staying up late, never eating breakfast, usually always use fast food noodles. In addition, they also have a common hobby, they all like to eat barbecue. Like Ma Yunwei, he ran to eat skewers on the street as soon as he was free, and Liu Zishan, if time permitted, would also eat barbecue. At most, he ate barbecue meat for 5 days a week. The average age of the disease is 10 years old, the age

Zheng Zhichao introduced that the lack of consciousness, strong pressure, irregular diet, and the three major factors are forcing gastric cancer to develop to younger. The Liaoning Provincial Anti -Cancer Association had investigated clinical gastric cancer patients, and found that the average age of onset of gastric cancer in Liaoning has been earlier from 45 years ago to 35 years earlier, and it has been advanced for 10 years. It turned out that patients who had discovered gastric cancer in their 20s could not see one in the hospital for several years. Now, a few years can be seen in a year. In addition, it is regrettable that 80%of gastric cancer diagnosed clinically is in the middle and late stages, and there are few early gastric cancer, which is less than 10%. In fact, early gastric cancer and primary gastric cancer below 5 mm in diameter, because cancer cells have less metastasis, and even without infiltration, diffusion, and metastasis. They are not terrible, and they are cured when they are removed. Pay attention to changing lifestyle and generally do not recur. In this regard, Director Zheng suggested that people over 45 years of age should increase gastrointestinal examinations to eliminate gastrointestinal risk. (Editor in charge: Wang Huiming)