Keeping stomach cancer in mind scientific nourishi

2022-07-14 17:26sent

Dialects died of blood loss due to acute gastric ulcers, only 23 years old. It looks not a big illness, but it takes the life of this beautiful girl. Looking at her past Weibo, you will see her step by step to death. The irregular diet eroded her stomach ... In fact, when it comes to the problem of the stomach, basically everyone will have a basket of stomach pain. Although many people's stomach pain is general gastritis, there are not a few that eventually develop gastric cancer. Gastric ulcers, atrophic gastritis, gastric polyps and other chronic gastric diseases are now recognized as preliminary cancer lesions. This reminds people who have the history of the family of stomach disease and repeated symptoms of stomach pain must be vigilant. Avoid the tragedy again ... The following five signal warning gastric cancer must be kept in mind: 1. Pain in the abdomen: This is the most common symptom of gastric cancer. Beginning with intermittent pain, often diagnosed with gastritis or ulcer disease. 2. Upper abdomen discomfort: Most of them are full or burning. It can be temporarily relieved and repeated. 3. Symptoms such as loss of appetite and mirroring: It is manifested as fullness after eating and actively restricting the diet, often accompanied by repeated pupae. 4. Black stool or stool dive blood positive: If there is a stool when there is no blood tofu and a dumpling agent and other drugs, you should come to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. 5. Deficiency, weight loss, and anemia: This is another set of common and unspened gastric cancer symptoms. Patients often appear fatigue and weakness due to loss of appetite and gastrointestinal blood loss. When gastric pain, gastric region discomfort or digestive tract discomfort, you should go to the hospital for gastroscopy or laboratory examination in time to clarify the cause. Before the attack of the disease, doing a good job of preventing work is the most "clever" ... Summary of experience: Scientific nourishing the stomach "timetable" at 7:00 to drink a cup of warm water in the morning and drink water in the morning to promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular disease from cardiovascular disease, prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent cardiovascular disease and prevent cardiovascular disease. Essence Ordinary people should drink water in the morning with boiled water, and should not add salt. For constipation, drinking honey water is also a good choice. 8:00 Breakfast eats hot food. Many people attach great importance to lunch and dinner, but they do not have high requirements for breakfast. The survey showed that the probability of not eating breakfast caused liver and gallbladder diseases was 11.7%, and the probability of gastric disease was as high as 36%. A balanced breakfast should contain several categories of foods such as cereals, milk and products, meat, soy products, and fruits and vegetables. Drinking soup before lunch, when the food is dry and saliva is insufficient, the appropriate amount of soup water is beneficial to digestion and absorption. The soup will dilute the saliva and gastric juice, but it has a small impact on the intestinal digestive juice. Be careful not to swallow the rice and soup together. The rice is not fully chewed and it is easy to digest. At 19:00, the station stands after dinner to help digestion

People who are prone to pantothenic water or stomach have a burning sensation, try not to lie down and sit down after meals, otherwise it will easily flow to the esophagus and exacerbate the symptoms. Do not do strenuous exercise within half an hour. Because the blood flows to the stomach after meals and stimulates the secretion of gastric acid to help digestion, to do severe exercise, it is easy to cause indigestion. Drinking milk before going to bed should not eat healthy people two hours before going to bed, including drinking milk, fruit juice, etc. Because milk can cause gastric acid secretion and easily cause damage to gastric mucosa. For patients with gastric ulcers and patients after gastric resection, they advocate a small amount of meals. Therefore, it is best to add one meal before going to bed. Foods can choose bread, eggs, porridge, etc. It is not advisable to eat pure liquid food. (Editor in charge: Wang Huiming)