Do not ignore gastritis may cause gastric cancer

2022-07-14 16:34sent

Aunt Huang, 65, has gastritis for more than ten years. When I have a stomach pain, I have some symptoms of medicine, but this time the stomach pain is not good. You know gastric cancer! Fortunately, the surgery was performed in time, and the current situation is okay. In fact, it is not uncommon for aunt Huang to convert from gastritis to gastric cancer. So how far is gastritis from gastric cancer? Nine among the ten people are chronic gastritis. It refers to chronic inflammatory lesions caused by gastric mucosa caused by different causes. The incidence rate ranks first among various gastric diseases. At present, patients with chronic gastritis in my country account for about 80 % -90 % of patients with clinic gastroscopy. According to reports, the main incentives of chronic gastritis include the following aspects: Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection (my country's infection rate is about 40%to 70%, more than 60%of them have HP infections in patients with chronic gastritis. Drinking violence or excessive hunger; tight work and excessive stress leading to excessive gastric acid secretion, corroding gastric mucosa, causing local inflammation of the gastric. In addition, a large number of smoking, a lot of drinking, and staying up late are also the cause of gastritis. Although it is very common for chronic gastritis for chronic gastritis in cancer in time, it cannot be ignored. Because the disease can start with the initial superficial gastritis symptoms. If it does not cause attention, it will recur, the lesion will continue to deepen, and finally it may develop gastric cancer. Therefore, once stomach discomfort occurs, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination early. Now gastroscopy is a reliable diagnosis method. Because although the course of chronic gastritis is prolonged and the cancerous process is quite long, for patients, especially young patients, they must prevent problems before they occur. The main cause of gastritis caused by "intestinal epithelium" caused by "intestinal epithelium" is Helicobacter pylori infection. Half of the world's population infected with pylori, 67 % to 80 % of gastric ulcers and 95 % duodenal ulcers are caused by H. pylori. The long -term gastritis is also a risk factor for gastric cancer. Among patients with gastric cancer, 60 % can detect Helicobacter pylori. Elimination of Helicobacter pylori can reduce gastric cancer by 37 %. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the pylori in time to remove the Helicobacter pylori. The commonly used method is the three -combined therapy -clratycin + omeprazole + amoxicillin. Of course, in addition to Helicobacter pylori, there are many risk factors that cause gastric cancer, such as eating habits, environmental pollution, and fear. People who like to eat hot food, spicy and fried foods for a long time can easily cause damage to the gastric mucosa. When the gastric mucosa cannot be repaired in time and is replaced by intestinal epithelial cells, it causes "intestinal epithelium", which means that the stomach is long in the stomach. The cells that should have been found in the intestine, so the secretion function of the normal gastric mucosa has become an intestinal absorption function. Because the gastrointestinal mucosa cannot be detoxified to the absorbed things, the gastrointestinal part of the gastrointestinal is formed for a long time, and the gastrointestinal part has formed carcinogenic substances. In recent years, there have been more and more patients with "intestinal epithelium", and there is a trend of youth, which has something to do with irregular diet and high work pressure. Therefore, the onset of gastric cancer is the result of the combination of multi -factor.

In fact, not all gastritis, all "intestinal epithelialization" will develop to the step of gastric cancer. As long as the majority of patients and friends can pay attention to and treat them in time, gastritis and "intestinal epithelialization" may be reversed, even if they cannot be reversed, they cannot be reversed To maintain the status quo, you can still spend this life safely. Therefore, the distance between gastritis and gastric cancer depends on our importance to it, maybe there is "100,000 miles", and maybe it is just "one step away"! 39 Health Network ( special draft, please do not reprint without written authorization. (Editor in charge: Wang Huiming)