Experts analyze how far is stomach pain from gastr

2022-07-14 16:32sent

The consequences of the "prestige" of the stomach disease are very serious. "In the emergency room, gastrointestinal bleeding is a common disease and more onset. Many people are because the stomach is uncomfortable. It is already very dangerous. "Zhou Rongbin, director of the emergency department of the General Hospital of Beijing Military Region. Zhang Shengsheng, director of the digestive center of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, told reporters: "Stomach disease is a collective name of many diseases. Many people think that it is not a major disease, because it does not understand the serious consequences of possible." Common gastric diseases mainly include gastritis, ulcers and gastric gastric. Esophageal reflux disease, etc. Gastritis is divided into acute and chronic. If gastritis does not heal, it can develop from superficial gastritis to atrophic gastritis, and even eventually develop into gastric cancer. For digestive ulcers, Zhang Shengsheng said that gastric ulcers are generally painful about half an hour after meal, and the next meal is relieved. The duodenal ulcer ulcers are generally empty and night pain. Regarding digestive ulcers, Zhang Shengsheng said that the current medical conditions are completely cured, but the problem is that some patients have delayed themselves. If they have vomiting, blood in the stool, and even perforation, they may delay the best treatment time. Zhou Rongbin told reporters: "Many people think that they are in good health, and stomach pain is a trivial matter. But we have encountered a lot of drinking or overeating, causing gastric bleeding or even gastric perforation. It may be killed. And it is difficult to find out in the early days from the gastric disease to gastric cancer. Many people find it in the middle and late stages. There are also patients with cirrhosis, and it is also prone to occur in the esophagus and gastric bottom veins. Spit out. Based on the "stomach war" in life, according to relevant data, there are 120 million gastrointestinal patients in China, the incidence of digestive ulcers is 10%, and the incidence of chronic gastritis is 30%. . In this regard, the experts said, "Sanxia stomach depends on the treatment of three points and seven points." The following bad living habits must be resolutely eliminated. Three meals and overeating Zhou Rongbin said that the stomach is the organs of the "time", There is a physiological peak and trough in the day. If there is nothing in the stomach in the corresponding time, it is easy to damage the gastric mucosa. After a meal, overeating, it will significantly increase the burden on the digestive organs, which will cause acute gastroenteritis. Even gastric bleeding. Smoking, drinking, unclean food, and drinking will directly stimulate the gastric mucosa, causing the contraction and spasm of the submucosa blood vessels. In the long run, it is easy to form gastric ulcers. The important culprit of ulcers. The pressure is too strong. If you are in a state of high pressure for a long time, your mental tension, low mood, and even anxiety and anger. These bad emotions can easily cause the functional disorders of the plant neurological system, which causes various Gastrointestinal disease.

Many people buy medicines and eat them by themselves, but some drugs even aggravate the deterioration of stomach problems without the cause of the cause. The medicines commonly used in life may also directly or indirectly damage gastric mucosa, such as relieving heat and analgesic anti -inflammatory (aspirin, heating polygami, analgesic tablets), adrenal glucocorticoids (dexamethasone, codonal), etc. In fact, if there is a problem with the stomach, the body will issue some "early warning signals". Zhou Rongbin said that this signal is divided into two types: whole body and local: appetite retreat, indigestion, yellow face and thinness, irregular stool (alternation of diarrhea and constipation), etc. belong to the whole body signal; Stomach pain is a local signal. Zhang Shengsheng said that if severe stomach pain, black stool, vomiting blood, dizziness, etc., you should quickly seek medical treatment, especially people with irregular diet, irregular life, and high work pressure should pay special attention. In the end, Zhou Rongbin emphasized that eating less fried and pickled foods in life; avoiding uneven diet of cold and cold; chewing slowly; paying attention to the warmth of the stomach.