Stomach problems of office workers into gastric ca

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The meal is not empty, lunch, dinner entertainment, and stalling for supper. These bad eating habits are called "healthy killers of urban people." Experts remind that more and more young people suffer from cancer, cancer patients are presented The trend of low aging is obvious year by year and needs to be vigilant. The office workers carefully boiled gastric cancer According to media reports, recently, a 23 -year -old Henan female white -collar worker Zhu often eats cold skin, spicy spicy, long -term irregular diet and other bad living habits. , Make people regret. Hunan Province has more than 100,000 new cancer patients each year. Patients show a low aging trend. Malignant tumors have become the main disorders that threaten the health of the masses. Many people talk about cancer color changes. Experts believe that cancer is a chronic disease, and scientific anti -cancer can stay away from cancer. Liu Jingshi, president of Hunan Cancer Hospital, said that after research and clinical practice of medical scientists, cancer is a chronic disease and can be controlled. 80%of tumors are caused by bad lifestyles and environmental factors. The bad lifestyles include often smoking, drinking hot teas, staying up late, stinging, and eating meat, long -term mildew and uncleanness Food, betel nut addiction, lack of physical exercise, etc. Staying in a severe pollution for a long time, it is also easy to induce tumors. Work pressure and communication entertainment allows white -collar workers to be in an incompetent state, especially the stomach. The white -collar tribe is a high -incidence of stomach problems, which is inseparable from their bad eating habits and living style. How to play a good stomach war in busy work and life, this is the health knowledge that every white -collar worker should learn. 1. How does the empty stomach nourish the stomach: Modern people are busy with life. Many people often want to sleep more or hurried to work without having ignore breakfast. Some girls think that eating less food will lose weight. In fact, if you do n’t eat breakfast, the empty stomach is stimulated by the stomachache of the sky, and there is no food in the stomach to neutralize it. Over time, it is susceptible to gastrointestinal diseases. Empty in the morning can also deposit cholesterol in bile, forming gallstones. Do not eat breakfast, not only can not achieve the effect of weight loss, but also easy to gain weight. If you do n’t eat breakfast, you will have too much energy in the dinner and dinner, but you ca n’t get enough consumption, and it is easy to gain weight. Office workers do not eat breakfast → stomach empty → stomach contraction → hunger (although you may not feel hungry, but the stomach is empty) → bad stimulation of the stomach → disease generation (prone to fatigue, easy old, headache, gallstones, stones of stones , Stomach ulcer, etc.) Countermeasures: Establish the concept of eating breakfast, and determine the food that is suitable for nourishing the stomach. Breakfast should be easy to digest, prevent stimulation, and nutrition. Such as: egg custard, egg soup, boiled eggs, soybeans, soy products, vegetables, fruits, etc. Or yogurt, fresh milk, oat porridge or noodles. Suggested duration: about 20 minutes. (It is best not to eat fried eggs) 2. How to nourish the stomach in spicy people: Eating in moderation of chili has certain benefits to the body. But don't eat spicy food on an empty stomach. Pepper contains a large amount of trace elements and vitamin C, which has anti -cancer effects. Eating a small amount of chili can strengthen the stomach, help digestion, and prevent gallstones, especially to lose weight. But if you eat too much spicy food or even gastrointestinal disease, you must pay attention. If you eat too much spicy food, a large amount of digestive solution produces can also stimulate gastric mucosa, causing hemorrheia, edema, and susceptible to gastritis and enteritis. Countermeasure: Drink more boiled water and green tea when eating spicy food, reduce greasy. Or drink more chrysanthemum tea, honey green tea or boiled water, and pay attention to high -fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits, which can be used to remove fire detoxification. 3. How to nourish the stomach of the overtime: White -collar workers often need to work overtime. When others eat, you work when you eat. When you eat, others are already sleeping. Great work pressure and long -term hunger can cause excessive gastric acid secretion and ulcers. The gastrointestinal and intestines are also in a state of tension, which can easily cause nausea, bloating, and pain. After working overtime and staying up late, you are anxious to fill your stomach. A large amount of food before going to bed stays in the gastrointestinal and intestines, which can easily cause obesity and indigestion. Countermeasures: Life must be regular. You can prepare some snacks in the office, such as biscuits, etc., eat a little when you should eat without eating, do not let the stomach be vacant, wait until the off work, eat a little bit. 4. How to nourish the stomach: Having a "devil" body is the dream of many young women. However, if you lose weight blindly, not only will you not get a beautiful face, but the gastrointestinal dysfunction brings to the diet will seriously damage your health. When anorexia symptoms occur, vomiting, constipation, or even amenorrhea may occur. There is no digestive food in the stomach, and under the strong stimulation of gastric acid, chronic gastritis or even ulcers are caused. Countermeasure: Fruit and vegetables are indeed rich in vitamins and cellulose required by the human body. It is very helpful for beautiful skin and weight loss, but it is also particular about eating. Do not eat tomatoes, persimmons, oranges, hawthorn, bananas; people with gastric ulcers and constipation should not eat acidic fruits, such as bayberry, plums, plums, etc.; ; Friends with chronic stomach disease should be cautious to eat fruits containing tannic acid, such as persimmons, grapes, etc.

5. How to nourish the stomach: White -collar workers who use cars are always in a tense environment, and their bodies are too fatigue. Once the road conditions are not good, the traffic jams will cause anxiety. The reason why our stomach is not melted is due to the protection of mucosa, but when the pressure of the mucous membrane is weakened, it will cause the occurrence of diseases such as gastric ulcers. Countermeasure: If you want to have a healthy stomach, moderate exercise and pleasant mood are indispensable. Therefore, the "driving family" should try to exercise for half an hour every day. Special recommendation of aerobic exercise such as running, fast walking, mountain climbing, and skipping rope. 6. How to nourish the stomach on the TV: When watching TV, eating snacks, because you can't focus your attention to eating, and unknowingly eat excessive food, it will excessive expansion of the stomach, cause stomach work disorders, destroy gastric acid acid The normal rhythm of secretion can cause stomach problems over time. People who usually have stomach problems should pay more attention. They should not eat snacks as much as possible, otherwise they will increase gastric motility, promote the secretion of gastric acid, and aggravate ulcers. Countermeasure: If you can't help but want to eat snacks when watching TV, you may choose foods such as fruits and yogurt to help digestion. Fruits are rich in vitamin C, which can enhance human immunity. Yogurt can supplement protein and calcium. In addition, nut foods, such as almonds, pistachios, peanuts, melon seeds, etc. are rich in vitamin B groups, which can strengthen their brain and enhance memory. Eating less white -collar workers with excessive brain during the day is very beneficial.