"Ensable stomach" shakes into "killing cancer"

2022-07-14 16:45sent

In entertainment, many people who drink too much have to drink. People who often drink are always uncomfortable. Severe causes of stomach bleeding and gastric perforation. Long -term stomach discomfort is a precursor to evil. In summer, 60 % of gastric patients should also be "preserved" when they are found to be found in the night when gastric cancer is found. Isn't it just an old stomach disease? Why suddenly become gastric cancer? The evil change of stomach disease always seems to be unknowingly. Judging from the current situation, the following kinds of people's stomach disease is more likely. 1. Repeated diseases, people who relieve drug relief all year round have side effects regardless of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Relying on drugs to relieve symptoms all year round, it will cause drug stomach: recurrence of stomach disease, frequent frequency; pain nerve palsy, stomach diseases are gradually deteriorating, yourself yourself, yourself yourself I still don't know! 2. Taking a variety of stomach medicines, people who still can't improve each other have taken a variety of gastric medicines, and they still cannot improve. Because gastric drugs generally can only alleviate symptoms, cannot restore gastric function, let alone prevent the evil changes in gastric disease. Long -term use will also form drug dependence and digestion function atrophy, which will cause gastric disease malignant. 3. People with too much entertainment drinking have to drink. People who often drink are always uncomfortable with the stomach. Severely cause stomach bleeding and perforation of the stomach. Long -term stomach discomfort is a precursor to evil. 4. The elderly and old people are weak and weak, and their bodies are weak. Stomach problems are very easy to change in the case of weakened physical function.

Why do you have stomach disease? Have you ever thought about such a question: Why do you like to drink, do your stomach hurt the stomach of others? Why do you hurt when you touch your sour, and it doesn't hurt others when you drink vinegar? Everyone's stomach is parasitic with Helicobacter pylori. Why are you infected with gastritis and gastric ulcers? Why do you have the same habits of the same life habit? The research results of Japanese experts show that although the cause of gastric disease is 124, these causes cannot cause gastric diseases when the gastric mucus is normal. Therefore, there is only one cause of gastric disease: the lack of gastric mucus. Therefore, changing the status quo of life can prevent cancer. Now it is not too late, take action!