Consider the "camouflage" of gastric cancer to do

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Mr. Zhang, 47, went to the hospital for stomach pain. He did not expect to check gastric cancer. According to the doctor diagnosed by the hospital at the time, Mr. Liu told the doctor that he would go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine every time he had a good stomach. He had never received regular treatment. For two consecutive months, the stomach was uncomfortable, and the physical condition was getting worse and worse. He often felt tired and weak, and he lost a lot. He came to the hospital for examination was already a serious anemia, and then gastroscopy found that he had advanced gastric cancer. Why is a 47 -year -old man who should have been strong in gastric cancer? Bad lifestyle allows the high incidence of gastric cancer. "In terms of comprehensive analysis, the cause of the increasing incidence of gastric cancer is multi -faceted. In addition to regional factors, bad lifestyles and long -term overloaded psychological pressure are very obvious factor." Experts introduced that experts said that The bad lifestyle mainly includes the love, frying fried foods and hot foods, and burn, three meals love supper, overeating, smoking, high -salt, kimchi, etc. There are less entry. The damage to the stomach for supper is very large, because the life of the gastric mucosa epithelial cells is very short. It is necessary to regenerate once every 2 to 3 days. The regeneration process is generally performed during the night gastrointestinal tract. If you often eat at night, the gastric mucosa cannot be repaired in time. In addition, high -salt diets will increase the concentration of salt in the gastric, damage the gastric mucosa, increase its sensuality of the carcinogen, and slow down the gastric emptying, extend the contact time between carcinogens and gastric mucosa, thereby increasing the risk of gastric cancer. For those who have been in tension, anxiety, depression, and fatigue for a long time, it is easy to cause endocrine disorders, which reduces the body's immunity, which can easily induce various gastric diseases and launch hidden gastric cancer hazards. Gastroscopy diagnosis of early gastric cancer "Gold standards" with high incidence of gastric cancer, high metastory rate, and high mortality formation is that the early diagnosis rate, resection rate, and 5 -year survival rate of gastric cancer patients in my country are very low. The key to improving the early diagnosis rate. Because the early symptoms of gastric cancer are hidden, it is often similar to chronic gastritis and digestive ulcers. Therefore, more than 70 % of patients with gastric cancer are diagnosed in the middle and late stages. Experts point out that early screening for high -risk groups can help reduce mortality. If gastric cancer is limited to the mucosal layer of the gastric wall, the survival rate of 5 years can reach 90%. Therefore, how to improve the detection rate of early gastric cancer in my country is to improve the prognosis of gastric cancer. In order to control or even reduce the incidence of gastric cancer, it is recommended that high -risk people do gastric cancer screening at least every two years. It is generally believed that gastroscopy is the best way to diagnose early gastric cancer. Some patients are hesitant because they are afraid of gastroscopy. In fact, with the continuous improvement of the quality of gastric mirror (more fine, softer, better control) and the continuous proficiency of operating doctors, more than half of patients have mild discomfort when they receive gastroscopy examination. Generally skilled doctors can complete gastroscopy within 3-5 minutes (including taking pictures, biopsy and other operations). Gastroscopy generally does not cause pain. The main discomfort is nausea and feel that they can't breathe. They are within the range that everyone can bear, and there is no need to worry. Cross -infected infection Parking Hermiac Pyrobia positive

"Although the exact number of pylori infections in Helicobacter pylori in my country is difficult to count, it is worthy of recognition that this proportion is quite high." Experts pointed out that "Among the new gastric cancer patients each year The risk of gastric cancer after bacteria increases by two to three times compared to not infected. "According to reports, Helicobacter pylori is a single, multi -whip, blunt circle, and spiral -shaped microbacterial bacteria. The ministry is close to the pylorus. Helicobacter pylori is rich in urea, which can produce ammonia through urea hydrolyzed urea, and forms a "ammonia cloud" protective layer around the bacteria. This protective layer will resist the sterilization of gastric acid, which will induce gastric diseases such as chronic gastritis and even gastric cancer. For patients with gastric diseases, the terrible plain of Helicobacter pylori is that there can be no symptoms or signs in the early stage of infection, which will cause trouble to diagnosis and treatment. In addition, in addition to bringing harm to the patient's own health, Helicobacter pylori has obvious gathering phenomena in the family. In layman's terms, it is cross infection in the family. Therefore, to reduce infection, it is best to adopt a meal system.